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Mini Stereo Audio Amplifier using IC TEA2025

This is a very simple schematic diagram of mini stereo audio amplifier build based the main power IC of TEA2025. This IC support both single audio channel and stereo audia channel. There will be 2x2.5W for stereo channel and 5W for mono channel with bridge mode. TEA2025 is a monolithic integrated audio amplifier in a 16-pin plastic dual in line package. It is designed for portable cassette players and radios, featured with Working Voltage down to 3V, Few External components, High Channel isolation, Voltage gain up to 45dB(Adjustable with external resistor), Soft clipping and Internal Thermal protection.

Mini Stereo Audio Amplifier Scheme

Mini Stereo Audio Amplifier Part List:

C1 100µF/16V Elco
C2 100µF/16V Elco
C3 100µF/16V Elco
C4 100µF/16V Elco
C5 100µF/16V Elco
C6 470µF/16V Elco
C7 100µF/16V Elco
C8 470µF/16V Elco
C9 0.22µF
C10 0.22µF
C11 0.15µF
C12 0.15µF
TEA2025 TEA2025B
SPKR1 4-8 Ohm speaker
SPKR2 4-8 Ohm speaker
R1+R2 10K DUAL Potentiometer

This circuit project come from build-electronic-circuitscom, go there for other interesting projects. Goodluck.. :)