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50W Power Amplifier Circuit

50W Power Amplifier Circuit diagram

50W power amplifier circuit diagram using TIP33C and TIP34C power transistor. This easy power audio amplifier was originally developed for a circuit board workshop, conducted by the OSU IEEE Student Group. In the workshop, there are 20 participants and every participant constructed this amplifier, by etching and drilling the single sided circuit board, soldering all components, and attaching a pre-built heatsink assembly to the output transistors. Three workshops had been held in between 1995 to 1996. Although the schematic diagram is simple, this power amplifier have impressive audio performance, having a frequency response to approx 40 kHz, pretty low noise, reasonably fast slew rate, and approx 50 watts (real "RMS" power) using the appropriate +/- 40 volt unregulated power supply.

Note: The TIP33C and TIP34C have been discontinued and are usually not offered anyplace. Alternatively, replace the Q11=TIP33C and Q12=TIP34C with BD249C and BD250C.

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