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12W MOSFET Audio Amplifier 2SK135 / 2SJ50

12W MOSFET Audio Amplifier 2SK135 / 2SJ50 circuit diagram

Here the 12W MOSFET audio amplifier circuit build based FET component of 2SK135 / 2SJ50. This is a small power amplifier, but capable on delivering very good sound quality. It combines an high quality op-amp IC (NE5534), which has the ability to drive low loads, high speed, low distortion transistor technology with two V-MOSFET in the output.

You can replace the IC1, with another match op-amp IC and increase the voltage/power in the output stage. Please be careful to maintain the power supply voltage of IC1 levels of specification, achieving increased power output. For stereo application, you should build two similar circuit.

Components List
R1 = 33Kohm
R2 = 6.8Kohm
R3 = 22Kohm
R4 = 100Kohm
R5-7 = 1Kohm
R6 = 330ohm
R8,R11 = 10Kohm
R9,R10 = 0.47ohm 2W
IC1 = NE5534
C1 = 1nF/63V
C2,C5 = 47uF/40V
C3,C4 = 100nF/63V
C6 = 4.7pF ceramic
C7,C8 = 100uF/40V
D1,D2 = 18V 0.5W zener
D3,D4 = 1N4148
Q1 = 2SK135
Q2 = 2SJ50

Amplifier Specifications:
  • Output Power : 12W in 8Ω (max)
  • Input sensivity : 3.2V rms (max)
  • T.H.D : 0.002% (1KHZ)
  • Frequency Response : DC - 100 KHZ (-3dB)
12W MOSFET audio amplifier circuit source: