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2 x 15W Stereo Audio Amplifier with TDA4935

This is the scheme diagram of 2 x 15W stereo audio amplifier using single power IC TDA4935. The amplifier is a Class B stereo and is designed with the TDA4935 from Siemens, which delivers 15 watts each channel. It can also be configured in BTL or bridge, thus delivering 30 watts in mono channel configuration.

Components List:
R1, R2: 1 Ω 2 watts
C1, C2, C3, C4: 220 nF. ceramic capacitors
C5, C6, C8: 1000 uF. 35 volt electrolytic capacitor
C7: 100 uF. 35 volt electrolytic capacitor
C9 100 nF. ceramic capacitor
IC1: TDA4935
4 Ω Speakers 30 watts
Power supply of 13.5 volts or battery of a vehicle

Its power depends on the output impedance, ie if we use 8 ohm speaker output, the range of power supply used is minimum of 8V and a maximum of 30V, for this design have chosen 24 volts,follow the recommendation in the datasheet. If 4 ohm speaker is used, as in our case, the maximum voltage to be applied should be 24 volts. It should be mentioned that the ideal supply voltages are a minimum of 8V and a maximum of 24V, to guarantee the life of the integrated circuit.

This amplifier has the feature of PLS few external components, making it easy to mount, only uses 9 capacitors and two resistors.

In the BTL configuration you'll get a 60 watt amplifier assembly 2 units.

Download TDA4935 Datasheet